PuntP for English speakers

PuntP is one of the brands of Arkin and it has its roots in the city of Amsterdam. Its goal is to contribute to the solution of mental problems through the application of mental healthcare and cure, knowledge and expertise. We treat some 30,000 clients with complex, common mental and addiction disorders every year. Arkin is also a leading educational institution and conducts scientific research. Arkin is one of the Netherlands’ largest mental healthcare institutions. The expertise of our 3,500 committed staff members is focused on the treatment of psychiatric disorders involving multiple problems and complex disorders. The 11 Arkin brands (treatment services) work together in close collaboration. This offers great benefits, especially in the case of complex problems.

The Arkin brands are: Jellinek, PuntP, Novarum, NPI, Mentrum, Roads, Inforsa, Sinai, Arkin BasisGGz, Arkin Jeugd & Gezin, Arkin Ouderen and Spoedeisende Psychiatrie Amsterdam.

What is PuntP doing?

PuntP treats all kind of psychological complaints. Psychological problems are problems for which there is usually no physical cause. We are specialist in treating mood disorders such as anxiety disorder, depression and a bipolar disorder.
PuntP wants the best and most effective treatment for its patients. We consider it important that you decide on your treatment and therapist if possible. By making these choices at the start, and also during the treatment, the treatment will be more suitable for your request for help and needs.


The vision and approach of PuntP is different from traditional treatments: PuntP’s treatment focuses on your health goals. These goals can be about relationships and friendships, daily activities and activities, your physical health and your personal development.
At the start of treatment you will learn, together with your therapist, to make a real estimate of which treatment goals are feasible. Focusing on these health goals makes it clear where you are going. Your therapist can then support you with well-considered treatment methods in achieving your goals. The treatments of PuntP have a fixed number of sessions. PuntP also ensures that it is evaluated at fixed times during treatment. In this way you will be involved in determining the direction of your treatment.

What are the costs?

The treatment will only be reimbursed by your health insurer if you have a referral from an authorized referrer, such as your GP. A treatment at PuntP will be reimbursed by all health insurers in the Netherlands. However, there may be an own risk.

Any questions?

When you have questions about signing up or receiving treatment at PuntP, you can contact the Central Enrollment at 088-5051221 or 020-5904444.


T 088-5051221 or 020-5904444
W www.PuntP.nl